Charging Standard:


18,000 Yuan

Title Page

8,000 Yuan

Inside Front Cover

7,000 Yuan

Back Cover

8,000 Yuan

Colored Inside Page

5,000 Yuan


1.Content should be designed in both English and Chinese. 

2. The area of exhibition catalogue is A3 21×28.5cm, color printed and would be distributed for free on the exhibition.

3. Please send your design draft to aiqigz@foxmail.com in PDF or TIF (Pixels should be over 300).


E-commerce supporting service for exhibitors: 3,000 Yuan/year

(for non-exhibitors: 5,000 Yuan/year)

Service Content

1. Set up internet shops in PC and mobile-phone version and offer band promotion, market extension, new product releasing and other B2N creative and multi-function E-commerce services for exhibitors.

2. Wholesale Mall, website platform provides exhibitors with wholesale transaction for online product and real-time payment for buyers services and professional shopping guide would help exhibitors get more orders.

3. Special advertising 1P of China (Guangzhou) Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating Ventilation Exhibition Website·New Products, integrates factories, markets and E-commerce platform as well as offers accurate publicity services for releasing new products.

4. Xinhua.com sets up shops, releases products without restriction, introduces high-quality products for professional overseas buyers and purchase match for exhibitors.

5. Check home and abroad buyers’ information with specific purpose and help exhibitors expand market.

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