News Spokesman of Guangzhou Aiqi Exhibition Share Limited 

Huang Jiayi, female, Huang Jiayi, female, born on September 9, 1995 in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. She went to study in the United States when she was grade two in the middle school, then studied the Business management in the Parsons school of design in 2013. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in 2016. During she studied in the United States, she is an assistant manager of foreign trade and an internship in foreign language translation at the International Division of the Asian Union in American CPC Group (1000-5000 people in Europe and the United States foreign-funded enterprises) from October,2014 to March,2016. She mainly responsible for planning all external activities for Chuan hang team, promoting and distributing, communicating and coordinating networks and clients or top management of overseas markets, promoting the harmonious and cooperative relationship between Holland and China's trade, developing the corresponding financial system and management system. She stayed in Los Angeles, Sweden, France, Denmark and other European countries during his internship. She has a good command of English, good Dutch capacity. Guangzhou Aiqi Exhibition Co., Ltd. hereby introduced Huang Jiayi as the News Spokesman of Aiqi Company through the introduction of talent on May 2016, mainly for playing an active role of the Aiqi’s gobal market.

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